Organic Wine, Winemaking,and Sustainability

Organic Wine, Winemaking,and Sustainability

Organic Wine, Winemaking,
and Sustainability

Angove Family Winemakers produces organic wine from 13 Hectares of grapes grown using organic winemaking methods in McLaren Vale and from 40 hectares of grapes grown using organic winemaking methods at our Nanya Vineyard.Angove Family Winemakers is a family owned and operated business. The responsibility of each generation is to ensure the sustainability and quality of the vineyards for the next generation.

What is Organic Winemaking?

Organic winemaking and organic viticulture require the complete cessation of synthetic chemicals and artificial fertilisers in the vineyard. The aim is to promote healthy soils, healthy vines, sustainability and ultimately fantastic organic wine.

In practical terms

Weeds are controlled mechanically – No herbicides
Vines recieve nutrition naturally through organic compost and cover crops.

What is Biodynamics?

Biodynamics is an holistic method of farming based on the work of philosopher Rudolf Steiner. It is a farming system where the health of the soil is most important with high biological activity, rich in humus and well structured. In addition to good organic practices such as composting biodynamic farming utilises specific treatments using plant, animal and mineral preparations. Influences from the sun, moon, planets and stars control timing and application methods and farming practices.


We find using organic and biodynamic principles the vines have naturally stronger immune systems and greater tolerance to pests, insects and disease pressure. A healthy soil with high organic matter and micro-flora provides vines with healthier root systems.

Healthier vines are more balanced with resultant fruit being of unique flavour with depth and structure that truly reflect the place they are grown. Organically grown vines tend to perform better during tough growing seasons and recover from stress at a better rate than conventionally farmed vines.

The company has a ongoing program of organic conversion of its vineyards. These vineyards are certified to Australian Biological Farmer’s Association as well as the strict USDA, NOP standards.

Biodynamic Practices at Warboys Vineyard, McLaren Vale

Angove Family Winemakers Warboys Vineyard in McLaren Vale is certified Organic and Bio-dynamic.

Biodynamic preparations are applied to the plant and soil at specific times during the growing season.

BD500 – Cow horn manure

Used to give life to the soil, increase microbes and available nutrients and trace elements. Made by burying a cow manure in a cow horn over the winter months, the soil breaths energy into the manure during these months. After 4 months buried the resulting dark humus is mixed with energised water and sprayed during the descending phase of the moon in late afternoon in Spring and Autumn.

BD501 – Finely Ground Quartz Crystals

Crystals are buried in a similar manner to BD500 but during the warm summer months. It is mixed with energised water and applied early morning during the growing season. It enhances photosynthesis and strengthens plant from fungal attacks

Growing Organic grapes mean we are sustainable, are friendly to our environment, produce less pollution, have healthier soils and ultimately make better wines.

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