Organic Viticulture and Winemaking

Angove Family Winemakers are market leaders in certified organic viticulture and winemaking and are passionate about environmental stewardship and sustainability. 

What is organic viticulture and winemaking?

Organic viticulture and winemaking is a holistic approach to cultivating grapes and crafting wine that respects the environment, cherishes biodiversity, and nurtures the health of the land. It is a philosophy that encourages harmony between viticulture and nature, encouraging sustainable practices and foregoing synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. The goal is to develop an ecosystem that promotes vine health, helping the vine naturally resist pests and disease.

During winemaking, organic principles are extended into the cellar with minimal intervention being the key. Organic wines typically have less sulphites and the true expression of the grape and the environment they hail from is prioritised. 

The result is more than just a wine; it reflects the essence of the land, capturing the subtleties of the soil, climate, and the dedication of those who tended the vines.




Why Organic Viticulture?

Farming organically combines the Angove’s love of all things wine with their commitment to environmental stewardship.

We like to work smarter not harder and by investing in the biodiversity in and around the vineyard we encourage healthy soils and provide natural habitat for beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife – letting nature strengthen the vines and look after any pests and disease.

Minimising contamination of water and soils is extremely important, and by using only organic inputs we reduce this risk.

The climate is changing and farming organically can help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Farming organically provides a healthy environment for our valued staff members



Why Organic Wine?

Most importantly, we love making and drinking delicious wine!

Vines that are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilisers make grapes that are pristine and pure, echoing the diversity and richness of their soils. Using solely organic inputs in the winemaking process and indigenous yeast driven fermentation further allows the grapes to authentically showcase their origins, resulting in wines that truly refelct their terroir, giving them a sense of place and boasting exceptional flavour and quality that will rival any wine.



All our organic wines display the Australian Certified Organic ‘bud’ logo, so you can rest assured you are enjoying a 100% certified organic product.  

The certification process is extremely thorough and requires yearly audits, which ensures strict compliance and gaurantees our fruit maintains its high quality and varietal expression.

Make A Booking

The Angove McLaren Vale Cellar Door is nestled in the heart of our Warboys Vineyard.

Open daily 11am - 5pm for Wine Flights, with lunch available Thursday to Sunday 12 - 3pm. 

McLaren Vale is one of Australia's most iconic wine regions, and we offer a beautiful setting to explore the fantastic regional food. Head Chef Georgie Rogers has curated a seasonal vineyard menu that indulges you in regional flavours and textures to complement our award-winning wine & spirit collection.

Prix Fixe Thursday and Friday 

Exclusively for a end of week lunch, indulge in a shared three-course lunch nestled in the Warboys vineyard. Join us for the best in season from our menu to share with friends or family.  To accompany your lunch, choose a glass of wine from our Family Crest Range.

A la Carte Lunch 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Thursday - Sunday.

We can successfully look after groups of 6 or more on our multi course Nourish Me or Feed Me menus from $58.00 or $79.00 per guest.

Bookings are strongly recommended.


Outside of these times, join us for Vineyard drinks and snacks on the Terrace or relax on the lawn area. Weather permitting of course. To reserve a place, book now or call us for more details.


Winemaker's Favourites Premium Wine Flight $25

Explore a diverse and stunning range of expressive wines from across mediterranean McLaren Vale and cool climate Tasmania, selected by our award winning winemaking team.

St Agnes XO Brandy Flight $40
Sample a selection of our award winning, world class, aged brandies, famous for their richness and opulence.

St Agnes Bartenders Cut | St Agnes 15 YO XO | St Agnes 20 YO XO | St Agnes 40 YO XO

Camborne Single Malt Whisky Flight $40

Explore four single malt whiskies crafted by the St Agnes Distillery.

Brandy Cask | Sherry Cask |  Tawny Cask | Shiraz Cask

Blind Tiger Organic Gin Flight $30

Taste through three unique, organic gins by the iconic St Agnes Distillery. Paired with Strange Love Distiller's Tonic.

Classic | Mandarin | Shiraz