Established in 1886, Angove Family Winemakers is one of the oldest family owned and operated wine companies in Australia – a statement in sustainability.

With 5 generations of involvement and an expectation of many more, there is a strongly held belief that all activities undertaken must be sustainable now and into the future.

Angove Family Winemakers are certified organic, and members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and the Australian Packaging Covenant.



To Listen

Through careful observation and feedback the Angove family have developed sound environmental practices and procedures, exceeding all relevant environmental legislations – not because they must but because they want to.

To Support

The Angove family help develop environmental policies and initiatives, in conjunction with the Australian wine industry and through their founding membership with the Wine Industry Sector Agreement on Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas reduction.

To Protect

Protecting the environment and conserving its natural resources is at the core of all the Angoves’ activities. Conveniently, healthy soils and ecosystems produce the highest quality grapes and craft the best wine.

To Act

As one of the largest employers in the Riverland, Angove Family Winemakers play a significant role in the local community through job creation, supporting local business and working on community issues. 


Angove Family Winemakers is focused on real actions and investment that will benefit the environment, improve work efficiencies and measure overall business impact.


Angove is constantly looking to reduce power use, and consequently decrease green house gas emissions. The following changes have helped reduce their carbon footprint

  • 25% reduction in power through the installation of variable speed drivers on irrigation pumps 
  • Complete insulation of tanks and barrel stores has greatly reduced heat loss and energy use
  • The installation of a 200kW solar system at the winery which supplies 37% of peak power use
  • A 30kW system at the McLaren Vale Cellar Door which covers 75% of power use 
  • Conversion of winery boilers to LPG, reducing carbon emissions by 27%
  • Installation of LED lighting, that uses 90% less energy than previous lighting, has been  throughout the winery, offices, warehouses, barrel stores and tank farms

Organic and Biodynamic Viticulture

Angove Family Winemakers began their journey in organic viticulture in 2009. Two hundred hectares of their Nanya Vineyard in the Riverland is certified organic as is their 10 hectare Warboys Vineyard, adjacent to the McLaren Vale Cellar Door. 


All vineyards are watered using drip irrigation, with soil moisture probes used to inform irrigation decisions, resulting in an estimated 25% reduction in water consumption per hectare.

Rainwater is captured and stored for future use as process water within the winery, while winery waste water is treated and used as irrigation water in the 25 hectare woodlot, planted to regenerate a salt scolded flood plain.


Angove Family Winemakers is a member of the National Packaging Covenant and has a strong commitment to recycling packaging materials including glass, cardboard, paper and plastics with systems in place to ensure efficient handling and collection of all items for recycling. Light weight bottles that use 40% less glass and deliver a reduction of CO2 per bottle of more than 15% has been introduced in certain lines. All carboard boxes are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and are 100% recyclable.

APCO Annual Report and Action Plan 2024


Angove produces various waste streams and aims to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible

  • 60% of waste at the Renmark site is recycled
  • Under vine mulching utilises winery waste, with the added benefit of inhibiting weed growth and returning carbon to the soil.
  • Winery wastewater is treated and used to irrigate a 25 hectare woodlot planted to native tree species. The woodlot acts as a carbon sink, provides habitat for native animal species and regenerates a salt scald.
  • Centrifuge and crossflow filtration technology, used to clarify without the use of diatomaceous earth or perlite filter aids, has minimized the use of these products and prevented over 150 tonnes of waste going to landfill.

An eye to the future

The future at Angove is bright, with some incredible projects planned for 2024

  • The 900 Trees Project is scheduled for mid year, regenerating more of the flood plains with salt and flood tolerant tree species which will provide habitat for animals and restore a salt scolded ecosystem
  • Bird lasers are being trialled at the McLaren Vale Warboys Vineyard. These lasers mimic bird of prey flight action and deter fruit eating bird species. This reduces the impact of netting on native animal species, reduces plastic use, and reduces carbon emissions related to instal and removal of netting. 
  • Thanks to the Landscape Hills and Fleurieu’s Grassroots Grants Program, funded by the SA Government landscape levy, 1Ha of vineyard will be dedicated to the restoration of McLaren Vale's grassy ecosystem by sowing native grass species in the midrow. This will also promote soil health, water infiltration, and increase the abundance and diversity of beneficial insects.
  • Our Nanya Vineyard is a demonstration site for the EcoVineyards, EcoGrower program. As part of this program we are trialling various methods of weed suppression, including prostrate saltbush and native grass species, with methods of application varying from tube stock to hydroseeding. 


These actions together with ongoing research and investment place us in a good position to manage our carbon footprint and be sustainable today and into the future.

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The Angove McLaren Vale Cellar Door is nestled in the heart of our Warboys Vineyard.

Open daily 11am - 5pm for Wine Flights, with lunch available Thursday to Sunday 12 - 3pm. 

McLaren Vale is one of Australia's most iconic wine regions, and we offer a beautiful setting to explore the fantastic regional food. Head Chef Georgie Rogers has curated a seasonal vineyard menu that indulges you in regional flavours and textures to complement our award-winning wine & spirit collection.

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Exclusively for a end of week lunch, indulge in a shared three-course lunch nestled in the Warboys vineyard. Join us for the best in season from our menu to share with friends or family.  To accompany your lunch, choose a glass of wine from our Family Crest Range.

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We can successfully look after groups of 6 or more on our multi course Nourish Me or Feed Me menus from $58.00 or $79.00 per guest.

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Outside of these times, join us for Vineyard drinks and snacks on the Terrace or relax on the lawn area. Weather permitting of course. To reserve a place, book now or call us for more details.


Winemaker's Favourites Premium Wine Flight $25

Explore a diverse and stunning range of expressive wines from across mediterranean McLaren Vale and cool climate Tasmania, selected by our award winning winemaking team.

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Sample a selection of our award winning, world class, aged brandies, famous for their richness and opulence.

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Explore four single malt whiskies crafted by the St Agnes Distillery.

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Taste through three unique, organic gins by the iconic St Agnes Distillery. Paired with Strange Love Distiller's Tonic.

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